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Parrots, One and All

A friend of mine once complained to me about a neighbor of hers who had a parrot. Apparently this neighbor put the bird out on the front porch every day, where it passed the time reciting a repertoire of learned phrases and cell-phone rings. Of course this drove my friend crazy, and an informal survey found that all within earshot felt the same way.

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More From the Makers of Cool Down Tea

In August a friend sent me a link to this Daily Shout, the online arm of The New Yorker’s beloved Shouts & Murmurs humor column. It’s titled “More From the Makers of Relax Tea,” and lists teas designed to allay anger in increasingly desperate doses. This inspired my own collection of perimenopausal tea names, as shown here.

WTF White Tea

I Never Knew Pores Could Get This Big Oolong

Is It Just Me Or Do These Pants Seem Tight Green

Battle of the Mid-Section Bulge Boysenberry

Ugh I’m Sweating Again It’s Another Hot Flash Spiced Chai

AARP-Approved Decaf Black

Xanax Infusion

The Craft of Copywriting: Three Essential Ingredients

No. 1 )  What you say.

This is the direct part of copywriting—the who, what, where, when, and why that communicate the client’s main messages about their product, service, company, or brand. 

The client is the expert here. Being intimately involved with their brand, clients usually know what it is they want to say about them. If they’re unsure, the copywriter can help the client figure it out, using either an interview or a trial-and-error process or a little of both, but ultimately it’s the client’s job to come up with these messages.

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Post This

Along with mixed salad greens, the Post-it Note ranks as one of my top inventions of the late 1900s.

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Christa Laib.

Copywriter. Creative director. Brand voice specialist.