No one likes a good play on words more than a copywriter, which makes the U.K.’s Ohh Deer, a self-styled purveyor of “quirky illustrated gifts,” right up my alley.

I discovered the cards at Greetings on Solano Avenue in Berkeley, where my daughter and I laughed so hard while reading them we cried. The illustrations amuse with their low brow approach, but it’s the copy concepts that really make these cards sing — and let’s face it, that’s one song all copywriters desperately want to hear.

So to anyone having a rough day, I give you “support bras:”



Feeling better? No? Maybe “mood swings” is more your cup of tea:



Or maybe you’re wondering what it all really means. The antidote to your existential crisis can be found in “complex carbohydrates,” below. (I knew there was a reason toast is my favorite food.)



And for those of you who are simply too jaded to enjoy any of it, methinks you might benefit from taking a good look at this card… and then maybe a good look at yourself:


That’s it for now. Drop me a line if you think of any copy gems Ohh Deer should consider. I’ve dreamed up the Wishy Washing Machine (“eh, I guess could do some laundry”), which I think is a much better use of my time than folding the real load of clothes waiting for me downstairs.